Current Youth President/Youth Chapalins

There are three full time chaplains overlooking the many Youth Fellowships of the Diocese.  Through the Chaplains placement in strategic regions, their ministry encompasses approximately half of the churches in this Diocese and an even higher percentage of the youth. Their work has been fruitful and multifaceted as they strive to reach out to the needs of the first and second-generation youth that are the future of our Church in this land. Their ministry extends also to the families of the youth.  This allows them to minister in a holistic manner to the youths and families that they are able to interact with. They attend Youth Fellowship meetings, conduct bible studies, are involved in youth and family counseling, reach out to the college campuses, organize and conduct conferences in the region and in other regions without Youth Chaplains. One of the focuses of their ministry has been to teach about the faith, worship and community of our church. Along the way, many youths have come to new realizations about the value of our great Mar Thoma heritage, faith, and practice. But their greatest impact is the individual interactions they have with many youth across the country. Many have found a renewed love for the church and Christ through their 1-on-1 interactions with these Achens.

Current President

Diocesan Bishop- Mar Philoxenos  

Youth Chapalins

Rev. Dennis Abraham, Youth Chaplain Southeast Region Rev. Shibi M. Abraham, Youth Chaplain, Northeast Region Rev. Christopher Phil Daniel, Youth Chaplain, Midwest Region


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